Current repertoire
Travesty Dance
based on the play of Zinaida Bitarova

The main point of the performance is the heroine and mysterious Travesty relations. Changing psychological masks Travesty try to involve Irene in the strange game. The goal is release from all the conventionalities. Freedom is achieved the only possible way – through the death.
The base for the artistic solution of the performance is the main topic of the play – duality of the heroines. Its development goes both through dramatic and grotesque scenes.
The material chosen for this performance is unusual – it is a poetic play of a modern author. In Travesty Dance the aspiration of Vadim Maximov to the synthesis of different arts in theatre is seen especially distinct. Integration of plastics, dance, signing, and poetry in one show gives a complicated deep performance with many plans concerning with different aspects of human being.
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Irene - Oxana Svoyskaya
Travesty - Inna Levintan
Frayer - Andrey Kharitonov
People in cafe - Anna Derugina, Pavel Lugovskoy, Ekaterina Bulatova

Voluspa (monodrama)
based on the Norse epos (the Poetic and the Prose Eddas)
In this performance Teatralnaya Laboratoriya realizes a dream of Antonin Artaud: applying his theatre system not to dramatic material but to the epic one.
Odin at the head of Scandinavian gods demands from Voluspa to explain ominous dreams of his son Baldr. Voluspa narrates about inevitable murder of Baldr and about Ragnarok.
Epos and drama are two different mentalities. That is why to put an epos on scene using the meanings of the epos itself is especially difficult.
The performance is based on combination of plastic and sound expression according to the structure of ancient poetry and also on using of puppets.
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Voluspa, Frigg, Mistletoe and others - Oxana Svoyskaya
Puppets of Lana Andreeva and Alya Lipina

based on the play of Mikhal Valchak
The sand-box turns out a model of the modern world. Here heroes spend all their life from childhood till old age. It this world new people, two children who not only can’t find mutual understanding but even don’t know what is it, live and grow. They know only that everyone is lonely in this word and should protect himself to survive.
The performance is made in the genre closed to the absurdism esthetic. It’s tragic farce. Six scenes that are comic separately from each other suddenly form a tragic worldview.
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Protazek - Pavel Lugovkoy
Milka - Oxana Svoyskaya
Passerby - Andrey Kharitonov

My Name is a Name
based on play "Hall P" of Katarina Frostenson
This performance is funny and sad at the same time, something like black-and-white tragifarce that is painted in colors of a kind fairytale from time to time. But these red-yellow dreams exist only in imagination of patients in a mental house, floating away on fabled boat. In reality there are only misunderstanding, pain and death. In is not just an accident that Ann, Henrica and Zora stage … Marie-Antoinette’s story.
Idee fixe – to revile from own name, to pull out borders of own personality, to rise above earthy existence – is realized, and finally angels in aid-men robes carry out (in the other world?) all three actresses of Hall P.
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Ann - Asya Shirshina
Henrica Maria - Oxana Svoyskaya
Zora - Alisa Zelenyak
music band "Project Z"
Salome (monodrama)
based on the play of Oscar Wilde
The main point of the performance is the birth, the existence and the death of Salome as a theatre character. Salome appears before spectators in three variants – as tragic character, as comic character and as indifferent one, being on that side of good and evil.
Three interpretations of Salome are the masks that contradict each other. This results in the uncovering of the character’s essence.
This performance is another step on the way of joining different theatre systems and methods, another attempt to break the distance between spectator and actor, to separate perception from forms and standards.
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Salome - Oxana Svoyskaya

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